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About us

Who We Are

Arcis is a leader in developing patented intellectual property in the field of security printing. Our vision is to make security printing more accessible and simpler to run on all printers. We aspire to become your trusted go-to security print specialist.

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What We Do

Arcis offers the only one-step document security solution. Our patented solution is a simple, cost-effective way to print secure documents. We transform your pre-printed stock into a digital format, retaining all the security features, and print it on plain white paper using your current set up. No new hardware and software is required. 

Whether you need to mitigate risk, protect your brand, or comply with legislative regulations, we make it easy to prevent fraudulent reproduction and to authenticate printed materials.

It gets even better - Arcis not only improves the way you print, but you also create new intellectual property - making digital print security truly yours. Certainly, the intellectual property is even more valuable than physical paper.

How We Started

Our company began providing print security solutions in the offset printing space in the early 2000s. We saw that the print world was shifting toward high-speed digital presses, so we set about pioneering the new security capabilities that arose with digital.

Arcis was one of the first companies to develop and patent security solutions for digital print platforms, and today we are the only subscription solution for color and B&W inkjet and toner printers. We provide our solutions to commercial printers and in-plants at schools, hospitals, insurance companies, financial institutions, and governments.

As digital printing evolves, we continue to invest our expertise to develop new document security solutions. Those who work with Arcis love that we make printing secure documents easy and cost-effective.

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“We continue to receive nothing but successful solutions. The level of communication Arcis provides drives tremendous trust from both our delivery teams and our end users. As documents and publications become easier to counterfeit, Arcis’s solutions are a necessity for protecting IP as well as high-value printed instruments.”
– Longstanding Arcis Partner

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