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Any document that has an explicit value needs protection from duplication and alteration. Working with the industry leader in document security will help you mitigate your customers’ risk, protect their assets and brands, and increase the perceived value of your print services.

Real-Life Use Cases

Financial Services

A financial services company experienced the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Global supply chain shortages and shipment delays created operational issues, affecting their ability to deliver secured checks to customers. The solution was to stop relying on pre-printed stock for their customers’ checks and quickly convert all checks to various digital formats, enabling them to produce secured checks using only plain white paper. During this process, the company also discovered the need to produce blank company checks for their own use due to paper shortages from these vendors. Arcis became the trusted security printing specialist, helping the company rework the check production lifecycle from the ground up — from a new custom design and meeting banking requirements to delivery of the new checks to various departments, all within an extremely tight deadline.

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College Admissions

A well-known college was facing issues with their admission letters being counterfeited and then used to generate legitimate student visas. A single admission letter generated 300 student visas, which the holders then used to enter the country. The college was constantly being called into court to assist in the prosecution of these immigration cases, which was a waste of the college’s time and money. Thankfully, the fix was simple; adding document security to their transcripts and admissions letters put an end to the problem.

Lottery Tickets

A state lottery needed advanced security features for their weekly lottery tickets to control inventory, as well as anti-copy features to protect the tickets against fraud. By printing their tickets on a digital press using variable security features with variable data on demand in a single pass on plain white paper, they have precise control over the number of tickets printed. Additionally, the covert security feature varies weekly and is not known to anyone until the print job is sent to the press.

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Parking Permits

A sports venue has a large parking lot, and parking permits are pre-sold prior to weekend events. Over 20% of revenues were lost because these parking permits were fraudulently reproduced. With more people showing up to park, spaces were not available due to counterfeiting. Not only were they losing out on revenue, but they had to deal with the headache of issuing refunds and unhappy customers. Once the document security features were implemented, the problem was solved. Potential counterfeiters are warned that they could be prosecuted, which was a very effective deterrent. The sports venue saw an immediate increase in parking revenue.

Arcis is ready to be your go-to security print specialist.